Buying Mail Order Miracle Seeds and Plants

Every year there are new varieties of plants and seeds acim youtube channel, and some of them sound simply amazing. You can read about them in the probably dozens of garden catalogs you receive, gardening magazines, as well as online. Some of these are truly fantastic sounding, and some really are fantastic, and it’s easy to be tempted to buy. Should you?

Also make sure that these plants are well suited for your climate. Also is it the right time of year to plant them? How will they go with your current gardening plans or garden? In other words, do not get over excited and order right away. Think about it for a little while.

Be aware that shipping plants is difficult. The plants will not arrive happy. You will need to tend to them right away and perhaps baby them for a while. You may need, season permitting, to plant them indoors before you transplant them outdoors for example. Does this fit in with your plans?

Also, the people who write the descriptions, let’s call them advertisements as that’s what they really are, are very good at what they do. They are called copywriters and are usually highly paid. Their job is to get you to buy, by pushing all your buttons. Hopefully they are telling the truth, but they will certainly concentrate on the positives as well as play on your emotions. Emotions sell, while the facts will help convince you that your emotions are correct.

I do sometimes buy plants and seeds online for new miracle type plants. Often they work out well. Sometimes though I just get caught up in the moment and buy plants that really make little sense for me.

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