Levi’s Curve ID Jeans Fit You Right

At the root of the problem is how Amiri Replica are sized. Most brands and styles are sized by length and width. That’s OK for men, but women have a third dimension. Two women with the same waist and inseam can have very different shapes. Some brands of jeans try to adjust to this by having different styles, but those can be difficult to sort through.

This is why I’m a fan of Levi’s line of Curve Id jeans. These jeans have a third measurement, curve. There is the Slight Curve Jeans, the Demi Curve, the Bold Curve and the Supreme Curve. Each Curve ID then has separate styles like boot cut or skinny or straight leg. Then once you know your Curve ID and have selected your style, you then pick your size. The result is a flattering pair of jeans without the hassle of trying on dozens of different styles.

The secret is in changing the dimensions in the hips, seat and thighs. Women’s bodies can vary in their curviness, not just their leg length and waist size. Women with identical waist measurements can have very different sized hips. By cutting their jeans with this difference in mind, Levi’s now has a pair of jeans that will fit any woman well.

The result is a pair of jeans that fits, and thus looks, better then many expensive designer jeans. Sure some girls look good in an expensive pair of jeans. They are often made of very high quality denim and custom dye jobs. However, a girl who is wearing a perfectly fitting pair of Levis will turn just as many heads, if not more, then a girl that is wearing an pair of designer jeans that just don’t quite fit right.

Levis also knows they have a good thing going here. The quality of the denim they use in their Curve ID brand is very good. The labels aren’t your typical Levis labels. They know these jeans will stand out based on how they fit and they don’t want anything to detract from that. While a little bit more then your typical Levis pair, the Curve IDs are much more affordable then many store brand styles or designer styles. And because they are sold everywhere, you can often find some good discounts and deals on them.

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