Tips on Selling Your House Yourself – 3 Essential Strategies to Get Your Home Back in Perfect Shape!

Usually when people are looking for tips on We buy houses for cash, it’s because they have decided to go through the process on their own. Rather than have to pay for an agent, you want to sell your house yourself. The most important aspect of selling your house yourself is to ensure you get plenty of potential buyers lining up to purchase your property. However, in this article i wish to concentrate on the next most important stage of the house selling process – getting your home in order for the hordes of visitors:-

1) The first thing you should do is look to generally brighten up your home. This could involve removing net curtains, putting in higher wattage light bulbs, painting the rooms in a brighter colour and shampooing your carpets. All of these things will bring more light into your home. Also the cleaner it appears, the newer and more appealing your house will seem to any buyers.

2) In keeping with the nice new feeling of your home, invest in some new curtains or blinds. These can often fade after hours, days, weeks and years in direct sunlight and we usually tend to ignore them! Just by putting up a new set of curtains will brighten up any room within seconds. Your buyers may not realise you have bought brand new curtains, but they will definitely notice tired, old and worn ones!

3) Check to see what visitors are greeted with when arriving at your home. Does the front yard need some work done? Remember first impressions count! Cut the grass, trim the hedges and remove weeds and any trash and trash cans lying around. Children’s toys can be removed and rake up the leaves. You might even consider planting some seasonal flowers for that more appealing welcome.

There are many other tips on selling your house, but these basics will keep you busy for quite a while. I would suggest that when selling your house yourself always view your property as a prospective buyer. What would you be attracted to as a buyer? What would make you cringe? It’s also a good idea to get the opinion of a close, trusted friend or neighbour who won’t hurt your feelings by pointing out the negatives! Ask them to comment on the condition of your house inside and out. We are sometimes blinded by our own loyalty, so it’s always best to get a second, independent and honest opinion.

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