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ACIM Bookstore: Last week I promised to share with you my unique technique that will empower you for the rest of your life… that is being in alignment with your true self, your Source Energy (the infinite, intelligent,
and powerful beyond limits… part of You).

And I know you may never have even met him/her. You have only heard about it. You may think ‘yes, it sounds probable, but who cares if I am not able to feel that way?’

You are right. I was thinking exactly like that 17 years ago. I had absolutely no clue as to what ‘Source Energy’ meant. The problem was that I experienced alignment with Source before even understanding
what it was. It took me years (literally) to integrate it.

One day I was walking along a path in a forest in Troy, NY, thinking of an exercise I had learned and that I wanted to perfect and use really well.

This meditative exercise involved feeling how everything around me was feeling, and therefore letting go of my small, ‘limited ego’ perspective.

I had been fighting this exercise and my ego had not yet authorized me to experience such a sense of unity and oneness.

The inner dialogue went a little like this:

‘You are kidding. You have no commonality with this tree with which you are trying to relate. It is impossible. And it is frightening! What would happen if you truly could…?’ You get my message here.

Well, one day I was finally tired of this internal dialogue. I made a Decision–(creation time!)–to succeed no matter what! ( I let go of the time it would take to accomplish this). I just walked…

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