Are You A Money Magnet Or A Fool? – Find Out In 2-Minutes

It may seem unbelievable that so many people have WASTED so much ماكينة عد النقود وكشف التزوير and energy and tried different ways to make money fast, get rich and be a millionaire — but it is true. They tried to make money online, make money at home, make money on eBay, work at home, start their own business. They tried many ways to be money magnets, attract money, attract wealth. Create wealth was their objective as they bought all sorts of programs on real estate, investing in the stock market and commodities, and all kinds of business opportunities.

The GREAT majority of them FAILED miserably! And they will continue to fail unless and until they learn that their financial future is already pre-programmed in their Subconscious minds. That programming is also known as their financial Self-Image or Money Blueprint.

In MOST people, this Money Blueprint is already set for FAILURE. Their Money Blueprints makes them MONEY REPELLENTS instead of MONEY MAGNETS.

These people do not know that when Napoleon Hill wrote in his best-seller “Think and Grow Rich” that “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”, he was simply stating that each individual is CREATING HIS/HER OWN REALITY through the beliefs he/she hold in his/her Subconscious mind. These beliefs make up the person’s Self-Image. Self-Image is the key to success in every area of your life.

Part of your TOTAL Self-Image is your financial Self-Image, also known as your Money Blueprint, which is the key to develop that coveted ‘millionaire mind’ which will allow you to be a money magnet, make money fast, and even become a millionaire. It is all about YOUR beliefs.

The KEY to your success is your Money Blueprint. Your Money Blueprint makes the Law of Attraction work for or against you. Unless you change it now, you will never have enough money to buy and do all the things you truly want!

Write down your answers (Yes or No) to the questions below. Write the first honest answer that comes into your mind after you read each question. Make NO attempts to come up with any rationalizations or excuses, or attempt to ‘twist’ your answer to look good.

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