Biblical Prosperity and Financial Miracles

When I got the revelation that Christ was in us the hope of Glory ( 1. Cor. 1:27 ) my acim twitter ministry really took off. What I saw was that if Christ is in us then He can still do through us what He did in Bible days. As I traveled ministering healing my heart went out for the people’s prosperity as well.

I began to search the scriptures and I saw so many instances of Jesus doing Financial Miracles that I began to believe and expect for those things to happen. I mean after all He is in me right?

One thing I learned is that God moves on the Earth by Faith and by Seed. I sought out miracle ministries that also had financial miracles happening and I began to partner with them and to sow seed into that anointing.

Today this is a regular occurrence in my ministry. It seems that anyone who sows into my ministry receives financial miracles. Amazing things. I only share this from the heart to tell you exactly how I do what I do, so you can also.

Some things I have witnessed to build your faith: A single mother with 4 kids was broke and came to the meeting she was given 200 the Lord said sow 100 to me. This was a struggle knowing all the needed for her kids.

She obeyed God then went to the grocery store after church. The next day she had to make a deposit at the bank. When she got her receipt back there was $3,000 in her account. She got so scared she ran out of the bank.

A man I never met came into one of my home meetings and when he opened his Bible, ten 100 dollar bills fell out. A Pastor reached into his wallet to get a piece of paper to write down his number. He already knew that he didn’t have anything because someone had to buy him coffee an hour earlier. A $20.00 bill had appeared in his wallet.

I was leaving the airport in El Paso, TX. And I went over to the ATM to get cash for coffee. I had been on a 40 day fast at the time. As I looked down I saw two $20.00 dollar bills and they were old looking. Wow, no one goes to an ATM to withdraw money and leaves $40.00 behind. These were old and dirty. I know that all ATM money is new and crisp.

I have hundreds of stories like this. Just like healing miracles and creative miracles, money miracles or financial miracles have been a way of life for me. I remember the first church I ever spoke in. The elderly black Pastor couldn’t read but the prophetic word from him was phenomenal. To date I have to say it was one of the most accurate words I have ever received.

One thing he said was ” your right hand will be your miracle healing hand and your left hand will be your financial miracle hand.” I began to read about Biblical Prosperity and what caused it to manifest in someone’s life or not to manifest in someone’s life.

It all comes down to one thing. Putting God first in your life. When we give God honor and we are saying we trust Him because we know Him and we love Him. He showers us with blessings.

If you have been in any of my meetings you know how true this is. People often have money appear in their bank accounts, wallets and Bibles. The financial miracles started when I was in a church in Kentucky. I was in a small town which was the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. Hodgensville, I believe was the name.

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