Book Marketing – 3 Secrets Of Successful Information Marketers

Information marketing is the number one way to make huge profits from your a course in miracles. Here are three book marketing secrets from the most successful information marketers today.

If you give it away for free, they will come. Or they will at least exchange their email address for your free information. Once you have their email address, you can contact them to make product announcements, promote affiliate products or simply say hello.

Additionally, by giving away quality free information, you’re letting prospective customers know that you are a reliable source of quality information. It gives you credibility and it enables your customers to know that you are a trustworthy source.

You can provide small bits of free information in a variety of ways. If you’re pursuing a career in information marketing then you can use free articles and reports on your niche topic as a way to enhance your credibility.

If you want to sell your book, you must sell the benefits that people will receive by reading it. The most well written and interesting book won’t sell a single copy if there isn’t an expressed benefit to be gained by reading it. Maybe the benefit is as simple as the fact that after you read it, you’ll be smarter. That’s still a benefit and a desire by many.

Stress the benefits by first listing them in your book’s title. A book titled “Organic Gardening” isn’t nearly as compelling as “How to Grow Your Own Organic Garden and Lengthen Your Life by Ten Years.”

Read Let Them Judge Your Book By Its Cover to learn the four simple steps that will get your book noticed. Hint, the first one is the title.

Creating other products that support your book is the best way to make money, and to sell more books.. Your book is the proof that you are an expert. The other information products that are made from your book are where the big dollars are made.

Once you have your book completed, you easily have two more products for your product line–an e-book and an audio book. The content is there, you’ve already done the hard part. All you need to do now is produce the other versions.

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