briansclub – Presenting Your Image to the World

briansclub are an important tool in your marketing plan. Below are a few tips on how to use them to your advantage in the market place.

Decide on a layout that makes a card stand out.
A briansclub gives a first impression and reflects your business to the world. It is a marketing tool and a way to network with business partners and potential clients.
Make sure that the font type and size used is easy to read. Ask yourself, “What impression do I want to make?”
Examples: bold colors, pictures, stand-out logo, use of a differently shaped card.

Proofread your card and then have a knowledgeable, independent third party proofread it if possible.
Potential clients and business executives will perceive you as unprofessional if you have spacing, grammatical, and spelling errors.
It is better to recycle the paper and order a new batch of cards than to save money using flawed cards. Poorly done cards can cost you much more than a few dollars…

A business card is just that, a business card.
Use the KISS briansclub: Keep It Simple Savvy… Many companies use card scanners to import your information into their database. If the scanner cannot read your card, entry of the data manually could lead to errors and lost business opportunities.

A business card is an investment in your business.
You will impress potential clients by the use of a better quality card stock with a glossy finish or stylish embossing. These extra details may cost more, but the message that it sends to your clients will be worth it: Look professional to be successful.

A business card tells the world who you are and who you represent.
Make sure that you display your name, title, and current contact information prominently on the face of the card. If people cannot contact you because the information on the card is out of date, your business will go to someone else.

A business card does not have to be expensive.
There are many online sites where you can find very competitively priced cards.
Some sites offer free cards. However, you still pay for shipping and handling. It is worth paying a few dollars extra to remove the free advertising logo from the card. Compare the price per card. You will find that paid cards are often a better deal in larger quantities and give you more options.
Another option is to print your own. This will give you flexibility in quantity and allows you to make customized briansclub for specific occasions and add special offers. Keep some card stock handy so you never run out.

A business card has two sides – use them.
Use the front to introduce yourself. Use the back to expand on it. You can include areas of expertise, special incentives or some useful information to encourage people to hold on to your card. Examples:

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