Cat Towers Are A Great Alternative To De-Clawing Your Cat

Pets add many Ithum Noida benefits to our lives. They are our companions, our entertainment and our warm bodies on nights when our beds are otherwise empty. However, there are certainly many challenges that go along with having an animal in your life. When you have a cat in your home, some of those concerns might be hairballs, litter boxes and scratched furniture. In fact, of all of the things you can’t avoid, furniture scratching is one thing that you can do something about!

Cat towers are the perfect solution for felines that like to scratch. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cat that doesn’t like to scratch anything and everything from furniture to rugs to drapes to woodwork. Unfortunately, many of these things are quite expensive and even a few well-placed scratches can completely ruin your belongings. If you’re not a fan of de-clawing felines (you’re not alone if you’re in this camp), you’ll be glad to know there are other options.

The truth is, kittens (and adults as well) are hard-wired to use their claws. In a natural environment, they would sharpen their claws on trees, grass and rocks. However, if your kitten is not allowed outside, that’s not an option. This is where cat towers will save you, as well as giving your pet a place to practice her natural habits. The hardest part of the shopping process is finding a piece that works well for your pet, your budget and your home.

It’s true that you must consider the décor of your home when shopping for cat towers. Consider the amount of space that’s available in the room where you will place the piece. In addition to the décor, you should also consider the height of your ceilings. Other considerations include your feline’s habits;

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