Euro 2012 Football Shirts To Be More Popular Than Ever

The competition for football đồ đá banh sales intensifies every year with the top football shirt manufacturers going all out to try and compete with one another on design and popularity. Major international football tournament, like Euro 2012, always attract the most amount of attention and competition and the Euro 2012 football shirts look like being no different with huge sales expected for the new soccer jerseys.

The top sports brands like Nike and Adidas dominate the market for European international football shirts but over the past few season we have started to see Puma and Umbro make real inroads into the market. Umbro will manufacture the England Euro 2012 football shirts as well as Ireland and Wales, if they reach the tournament. Puma manufacture the soccer shirts for the majority of the African nations and they have started to sponsor more and more of the Euro 2012 teams including Czech Republic, Bulgaria and of course Italy.

Sales for the new Euro 2012 soccer jerseys are expected to be higher than any previous tournament with sales continuing to increase each season and peaking at the 2010 World Cup. We may not see the levels of the World Cup, as there are a smaller number of teams in the competition but the sales are expected to be around about the same volume.

There are of course a few teams that will dominate the sales at Euro 2012 with France, Italy, Holland, Germany, England and of course the champions Spain all being certain to sell a lot. You also get a lot of the smaller countries shirts being popular with fans maybe not having seen the soccer jerseys too often before. There will also probably be a team that unexpectedly performs well and their Euro 2012 football shirts will certainly be amongst the biggest selling.

We are certainly in for a treat at the Euro 2012 tournament with all the teams realising new home and away Euro 2012 soccer jerseys for the tournament. Something else we will see is a lot of training wear and accessories being produced and we have seen an increasing popularity in these over the last few season. There will of course be the debate until the end of the tournament to see whose soccer jersey will be the most popular and again what brand will come out on top.

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