Flexispy – is Flexispy the Ultimate Cell Phone Spy Live Call Spy it made out to be?

Flexispy cell phone spy is one of the first cell phone spy software program to emerge online. Flexispy is most well known for being the magnetic planar headphones of the Live call Spy and Room Spy Bugging features. Live call spy is a feature that notifies you the minute the phone you are spying on makes or receives a call. You can then silently intercept that phone call and hear EVERYTHING both sides of the conversation are saying without either one having a clue you are FlexiSPYING on them. One of Flexispy cell spy most powerful and sought after features. Room spy bugging lets you turn the target phone (the one you are spying on) into a room bugging device. The cell phone acts as a microphone so you can hear everything going on around the cell phone. This feature gets activated by you with a mere special SMS command sent to the cell phone you are spying on.

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Flexispy has 3 cell phone spy plans

  1. Flexispy Basic Spy – this spyplan is the least expensive Flexispy plan at $149 for one year. This mobile plan only has the same basic cell phone spy features as most other much less expensive cell phone spy plans (call history spy, sms history spy, email spy, gps tracking spy of the target cell phone). SpyBubble, for example, has all these spy features and even a few more for just a one time payment of $49! So if all you need are these basic spying features Flexispy is probably not a good choice as you would be spending much more money than you need to.
  2. Flexispy Pro Spy – this spyplan costs $249 for one year. You get the same spy features with Flexispy Pro as you do with Flexispy Basic plus the addition of the previously mentioned room spy bug feature. The added room spy bugging feature justifies the price of $249.
  3. Flexispy ProX Spy – This is the complete Flexispy spying package. The Flexispy ProX plan has all the spy features of the Flexispy Basic AND Flexispy Pro PLUS the addition of the live call spy feature. Total price for Flexispy ProX – $349 for a year.

Methods of Payment Flexispy Accepts for their Cell Phone Spy Software/Membership

– Credit Card – Most Visa, M/C, AmEx and Maestro cards are accepted. – Wire Transfer – Direct Bank to Bank transfer (see description below). – WebMoney – An online payment alternative.

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