Getting A Great Patio Starts With Concrete Formwork

tile installation detroit formwork is the system of boards and supports that support the concrete until it cures because concrete is aggregate, e.g. a coarse gravel and sand, cement which serves as the binder, and finally water. As such, concrete is a heavy material with the aggregate and water mass. The forms need to be a material that can withstand the pressure. Usually a contractor will use at least one inch thick plywood. But even then, the forms still have to be reinforced every 16 inches or 2 feet with a brace anchored into the ground. The mass of the concrete is pushing out and wants to flow everywhere, yet in order to have that clean edge, the formwork walls have to be extremely sturdy to withstand the pressure. Therefore the vertical bracing has to be driven deep into the ground. Any softness in the earth will translate into sagging stakes.

Once the stake sags, the form will bulge. The result will be concrete that cures crooked. A badly staked form is very difficult to correct with wet concrete. The mass of the concrete is heavy, and you are also fighting concrete hardening. Concrete will cure within minutes, and forget about adjusting the formwork for deviations. If your form does bulge, and your concrete cures, it is possible to use a diamond blade concrete chop saw to trim the concrete, but this is a time consuming and dirty process.

Also remember that since the curing of concrete is a chemical process, the concrete can bind to your forms. Therefore, use “formoil” on form surfaces. This oil will stop concrete from binding to the form. Also concrete expands after it dries; you will need expansion joints between your patio and the house. An expansion joint has to be inserted which absorbs the slab’s movement. Finally for concrete detailing, you will need concrete float finishing and scoring tools. In order to get that smooth surface, the finishing tool is drawn across the top surface to smooth out the finish, and the expansion joint scoring tool creates the cracks needed.

With a little preparation, you will have that beautiful patio which you will enjoy, and it will be due to your good solid concrete formwork. In the event you still feel intimidated, there are experts in concrete consulting who can assist you with your project. A beautiful concrete patio or drive way will last for years to come.

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