Here Is A Flash Photography Photo Tip That will Save You Money

Here is a flash photography photo tip that can save you a lot of frustration – and money! Your on camera flash is only good for about ten feet!Have you ever gone to a big sporting event? Or even seen one on television? If so,Here Is A Flash Photography Photo Tip That will Save You Money – And Get You More Shots! Articles did you notice all the flashes going off in the q币海外充值?

It’s amazing! I enjoy watching the foot races during the summer Olympics. As the runner goes by each section of the grandstands, thousands of flashes go off. It’s almost like watching a “wave” of light following the runner around the track.”So what,” you say.

Were you aware that an on camera flash has an effective range of about 10 feet? Anything more than that and the light is completely useless! It isn’t helping AT ALL!OK, so now you are thinking, “No big deal,” so it isn’t helping, if it isn’t making it to the subject, it isn’t hurting either.Actually, it IS hurting!On automatic when you enable the flash to fire, your camera knows the flash isn’t going to reach the subject, but it tries to do your bidding by making sure every flash is at full power!

Here is one way it can hurt you… When you shoot with the flash firing at full power, it completely drains the charge. Then it takes your flash longer to recharge.

Trust me when I say, the best photo opportunities ALWAYS appear while you are waiting for the flash to recharge. And you miss them!

Any wedding photographer who says he or she hasn’t missed a lot of great shots (sometimes even essential shots) while they were waiting for the flash to recharge is lying.

Another great way that firing your flash at full power – when it isn’t helping the photo in any way – will cost you… You are using up your batteries at an alarming rate!

As mentioned, great shots come and go while you are waiting for the flash unit to recharge – but you will miss even MORE great photos because the photo opportunity happens while you are changing batteries! Or even worse, while you are dead in the water because you DON’T HAVE any fresh batteries!

Later, when the stars are giving out autographs, or you are on a tour of the stadium, or the bride is about to be kissed – and you can’t get the shot because your batteries are drained… Well, now you know why.

Remember this photo tip… Turn off your flash when you are more than about ten feet from the subject, it won’t help. Stop cursing your camera for going through batteries so fast! Only use your flash when it is going to actually give you better flash photography. You will save money AND get more great shots!

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