Hidden Treasures Found on the Shelves of Book Stores

a course in miracles are fascinating treasures themselves for individuals and can normally be purchased for less than five dollars, but there are those that sell for a lot more. Many books set on the shelves of book stores for long periods of time without being sold and the owners place them on the bargain shelves of there stores.

Many of these books were purchased from others readers and had already spent their lives on the shelves book shelves with other books. Some of the books that these readers have sold to book stores are valuable, but the majority are not. Some of these books that may be considered valuable are books that are no longer being printed and used book stores have plenty of these rare books that they themselves are unaware of. Of course, the book itself may not be in great condition and the pages may be frayed, but they are still worth the investment.

Many readers unknowingly feel that if a book is marked as a bargain then it must be a horrible book, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, many books that are placed in bargain bins are your local book stores is due to the book store have too much over stock. If readers would check out these bargain bins carefully, then they may be surprised at the treasures they find.

First edition books are sought after by collectors of books to add to their collections and even some avid readers to add to their personal libraries, if it happens to be one of their all time favorites. Collectors and even readers, who collect first edition books must be aware that these first edition print books are often marked as second edition. The reason is simply due to the fact that publishers felt that it would show that the author was widely read. A huge example of this is books of poems by Edgar Allan Poe and Francis Scott Key that were marked as second edition prints. First edition copies are admired by collectors and many avid readers, who will place them on their own book selves to become part of their private library.

There are not many individuals who do not have a weakness for a bargain, unless it is at a well known book store, but if it is at a used book store, then the entire concept tends to change. It is extremely important for individuals who read books to keep the books they purchase in circulation, if they do not plan to add them to their own personal library.

I have been known to purchase up to thirty or forty used books at one time. In fact, about a year ago I took my oldest son to sell a couple of his unused video games and while looking around the store I found an amazing bargain on used books. The owner was apparently attempting to get rid of his inventory of books and was selling used books at ten books for a dollar. That was one bargain I could not turn down and I purchased fifty used books that afternoon and went back the next day as well. Once I read two or three of these books I will always give them to a friend only if they promise me to give them to some one else who is an avid reader as well. This way I feel that I am keeping the books in circulation myself. The funny thing is that I have had a couple of my own books sent back to me.

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