How To Choose the Right Contractor

One of the most important steps before you begin meeting with Concrete Contractor Hansen Hills CA to work up estimates is to educate yourself about the work you want to have completed. The internet, library, neighbors, etc. are all good places to start.

Your goal is to get several estimates or bids that are all based on the same scope of work; apples to apples if you will. You have to be able to provide the Contractor with enough information so they can prepare an estimate that meets your goals and you must provide each Contractor with the same scope of work. If not, the pricing that you get from each Contractor will be very difficult to interpret which could slow you down and ultimately cost you more money. The last thing you want is a Contractor that is going to “Change Order” you until your pocket book has dried up. So, try to finalize as many of the details as possible.

This means that you, the Homeowner, must put all of your ideas and scope on paper including photocopies of pictures, any layouts, designs, sketches, etc. And never give your originals away because you may not see them again.

Step 2 – Schedule Meetings with Several Contractors

Look for Contractors affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) or any other local building or remodeling association. Look at each Contractors website to see what type of work they perform. What are their specialties? And if they do not have a website, you should be cautious if you decide to contract with them.

As a Contractor myself, when we show up to a job for an initial meeting with a Client, the most organized Homeowners hand us a typed copy of a basic scope of work with copies of any pictures, layouts, designs, sketches, etc. And we love them for it because we know exactly what they want!

During your meetings with each Contractor, hand over your information that you compiled and walk the job with each of them. Be prepared to answer numerous questions. Some will be easy to answer and others may need some additional research on your part. Either way, try to stick with your initial scope of work and do not deviate. You want the bids to be apples to apples and changing the scope during your meeting with the Contractor will only make it more difficult for you to interpret the figures on each bid. You can always adjust the scope after the estimates are gathered and you have narrowed down the potential Contractors.

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