How to Effectively Control Your Weed Problem

Any green fingered gardener would agree that they spend most of their time in their garden weeding. Although the task of Berner cookies cannabis can be quite satisfying in the beginning, it can soon turn mundane and frustrating once you find yourself doing it over and over again.

Unfortunately for gardening enthusiasts and professionals, weeds do actually have a part to play in your outdoor space as they offer (in their own unique way of course) a solution for gardens that are in a bad state. The good news however that is there is a solution, well, a few in fact, that can help you keep your weeds under control and prevent them from popping up everywhere and spoiling all your hard work.

What lies beneath?

There is probably not one garden in the world that is not overrun with weed seeds, whether they’re above or below the surface. And although it is mostly the ones on top of the soil that are the eyesore, as soon as those below catch a glimpse of sunshine, they will soon after spurt up too. In fact, it is because of this that many of our weed destroying tactics – such as loosening the soil around the weed to pull weeds out – doesn’t work as all it does is bring more weed seeds to the surface to germinate, resulting in yet more weeds!

It is therefore more effective to pull out those that appear on the surface or, if they’re deep, to cut the roots rather than try and dig them up. When digging up the soil to make room for your new plants; you will also indirectly be making way for new weeds to come up.

So next time you’ve got the urge to do some gardening, try to only loosen the bit of spoil in the exact spot that your new plant will be going.

How mulch more will it take!

Another option is to use mulch which will help lock in the moisture of your plants and soil whilst at the same time making it impossible for weeds to thrive in the dark environment. The mulch will however eventually need to be replenished to keep it at the correct depth which must be thick enough to block out light from weeds but also thin enough to let the soil below breath.

Other solutions can be found in the form of weed control fabric which can also provide an effective and environmentally friendly solution. The fabric, which can be covered with mulch, works by creating a barrier to stop weeds from emerging from the soil.

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