How to Get Business Leads Absolutely Free

A human being that may getbusinesstoday an interest in your home based business or product.

It is important to start by classifying them as a human being so you do not start this journey with the mindset that everyone is a hunk of meat to be devoured but an actual person to be treated as such.

Business Leads Are Everywhere

Nowadays almost every product purchased about anywhere was purchased by someone who at least had a Facebook account. Think about it, the average user spends 1 hour per day on Facebook. What if you could tap into that? Well, you can and it is actually pretty easy.

When it comes to getting business leads for free, you either have time or money. If you have money, you can certainly test and track Google pay per click or Facebook advertising, this article assumes you have more time than money.

Attract, Locate, Connect, Invite, Follow-Up

This is my five step process for getting business leads for free everyday. Have an attractive profile with fun pictures and upbeat status updates. Then, locate people in your target area or niche. It is easy to do this, just use the Facebook search engine. Then connect with those prospects and add them as a friend and then send them a relate message such as:

“I see you have a white dog, I have a white dog, what is your dogs name”

“You are from Indiana, my friend Ray is from Indiana, how do you like it”

I think you get the picture, build rapport first before you pitch. Then you invite them to check out your company. For example, if you are a homebased business owner, ask them if they would be open to a side project to make some extra money and if they respond positively, then send them a link to your company’s presentation.

Lastly is follow-up. People get busy and probably will not follow up with you, follow up with them and ask them what they liked about the concept and see how series they are. If you follow this attack, you will be getting business leads for free all the time!

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