How to make your office more accessible with the right furniture

Accessibility within the workplace is, without a Relx Vape, essential. From office layout to the type of furniture provided, employers are responsible for catering to all of their employee’s needs, not just in terms of abiding by workplace regulations but making sure their staff are comfortable and happy. It’s always better to be one step ahead, so here is a list of the ways in which the right furniture can increase accessibility within the workplace.

In an office environment many spend most of their time sitting down and it’s important to make sure they’re sitting on the right type of chair. A chair should support the users movements, provide comfort and aid posture. When choosing your office chairs it’s important to consider the ability to adjust tilt and height, lumbar support, type of castors, chair size and fabric. A great seating solution that provides all-day comfort is the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Not only does this chair help to reduce potential posture problems, it has been designed to support all. This is due to its inclusive size range, with sizes A, B and C, that allow you to find the right chair for your requirements.

Nowadays sitting down at work is not the only option. Standing desks have become increasingly popular and are a brilliant option when it comes to increasing accessibility within your office space. Not only do they help aid mobility for anyone experiencing stiffness from being seated for prolonged periods of time, they are also a great option for wheelchair users due to their adjustable height. Providing people with a flexible working environment can go a long way in terms of employee motivation and productivity.

If your staff struggle to concentrate or are susceptible to sensory triggers, office pods are a great solution. Giving people a quiet place to work enables employees to really focus and gather their thoughts. It could be that most people would be happy to work within the office environment, but providing a quieter space for employees to use is a great way to ensure more accessibility. Office pods are also great for meetings where privacy is required, including conference calls, presentations and staff appraisals.

Similar to office pods, acoustic solutions and adjustable lighting are also necessary for those that struggle with sensory triggers but don’t wish to be entirely isolated by an office pod. Adding interior acoustics, such as fabric screens are a perfect way to do this as they can help to absorb excess noise and reduce the volume in your space. Lighting also has a huge role to play in how accessible your office is; lighting that is too bright, too cold or even too dark can make working incredibly difficult for those with eyesight problems.

The easiest way to ensure that your office is accessible is to talk to your team and make sure all of their needs are met. Always think one step ahead and keep up to date with the latest products that could help make your office more accessible. If you’re not 100% sure on what furniture you need for your office, Office Furniture Scene has you covered with a range of accessible office furniture solutions.

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