Keyboard Yamaha PSR, YPT and YPG Models

Yamaha has been building musical instruments and audio equipment for an extremely long time now, and over the years, this dedicated company has never stopped creating pioneering solutions for people who want to learn and play great music and has introduced the 60 percent keyboard Yamaha PSR, YPT and YPG instrument models.

As you may know, Yamaha manufactures a whole assortment of portable keyboard models for every need, and for every budget. Not everybody is able spend $500 to $1,000 for a new piano. This is the reason why portable keyboards have become so popular in recent years.

Portable keyboards offer a larger sound palette, manual sound control, and a multitude of other features that are unattainable in a classical piano. If you have the resources for it, and if you would like a model that can be used heavily because you are performing, the YPG 535 88 key portable keyboard is a fantastic choice.

It was anticipated to be used just like any other grand piano, and it has the size and price to match, too. The YPG 535 costs $750 when bought as a brand new unit. Used or rebuilt models are usually sold for $300 to $600. Still not that inexpensive, but if you require a portable keyboard for live performances, then you absolutely need a high end keyboard.

On the other end of the collection is the compact, money saving portable keyboards that can be purchased new for only $100, for example the Yamaha PSRE 233. These compact keyboards are ideal for beginners, and they are very light, and this can be a problem if you accidentally knock down one of the legs of the X brace which are manufactured for less expensive portables.

Another difficulty with the economy models is that you will have to purchase the keyboard X brace independently. So, instead of just being able to acquire and play at home, you will have to find an X brace that will fit the size of your newly purchased keyboard. Unless you have a wide table, you won’t be very comfortable playing your new economy keyboard unless you have an adjustable X brace. You can take this from a person that has been playing the keyboard for quite some time now.

And then we have the blessing from the gods of music, the mid priced Yamaha keyboards. Mid range Yamaha keyboards are perfect for intermediate players and beginners who don’t have a lot of money, but possess a lot of drive to study and chase their own musical dreams.

You don’t have to be a classical piano prodigy to be an excellent player. Yamaha has just introduced the Yamaha YPT 230 Package. This total package comes with an X brace, and Yamaha headphones, a compact yet rock-solid keyboard, and access to the Yamaha Education Suite, or Y.E.S. learning system.

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