Luxury Houses For Sale – Buyers Should Consider a Villa

If you’re a UK resident thinking about upscale houses for sale in Spain, why not consider a villa? A villa is form of classic architecture that traces its roots back to Roman times. Every villa has its own unique character and many are Spanish style houses with a decidedly historic character. In this article, we’ll present some general information about famous architects in Palm Beach Spanish villas for sale and some of their key features.

What Exactly is a Villa?

In the Roman empire, a villa was an upscale country home. Villas in the Roman suburbs or on the coast usually consisted of residential quarters and associated out-buildings built around a central courtyard. Villas were often larger and more expensive than the norm and were typically used as a retreat rather than as a permanent residence. In modern parlance, they’re considered upper class country homes with many luxuries and amenities. For that reason, high-end houses to buy in Spain like villas are always a popular option for those who can afford them.

How is a Villa Laid Out?

Built for warm and sunny weather, houses in Spain like villas have wings of rooms that open to an airy portico that surrounds the central courtyard. Water features like fountains and reflecting pools are common in vintage villas, although in modern villas they have evolved into swimming pools. Villas are usually freestanding, detached dwellings whose sizes can vary from small bungalow-like buildings to expansive sprawling edifices associated with the upper classes. A villa can consist of one or multiple stories and you’ll often find them tucked into hillsides or along the seashore, like many other holiday houses in Spain.

How is a Villa Constructed?

Expect expensive, quality construction in upper end holiday houses for sale in Spain, especially villas. With features like wood beam ceilings and ceramic floors made from hand made tiles, villas are most definitely upscale residences. Marble columns are also common as are expansive covered patios. A villa can have a roof terrace as well as a private garden. Some villas have external walls covered with marble, which is both beautiful and requires no maintenance. A villa’s garden is often extensive, with some covering over 13000 square feet. Expect plenty of garage space for exotic cars in houses to buy in Spain like villas, with protected space for up to 4 or 5 vehicles. Convenient car ports or car porches are also common so the vehicle you use on a daily basis is close at hand. There’s often elaborate fencing and gates that not only provide security but also a quaint, artistic aspect.

Other Features of a Villa

The best villas tend to exude style and glamor and are residences in the grand style for those who want to buy Spanish houses for sale. A larger villa will have special-purpose, dedicated rooms like a personal gymnasium, library, spa, sauna, steam bath and an extensive kitchen fitted up as for a restaurant or caterer. There are separate quarters for staff in many villas. Look for updated heating plants, security systems, decorative outdoor lighting, wiring for modern audio, video and intercom systems in the best class of houses for sale in Spain like villas. Some villas even have their own energy sources, such as underground gas wells.

Although there’s a great variety of country houses in Spain, villas occupy a special niche. With romantic names like “Casa Sierra” and “Villa Veleta,” the best villa houses in Spain hearken back to the past while providing all the modern amenities buyers from the UK have come to expect.

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