Modular Construction Has 7 Benefits Over Regular Homes

There are plenty of debates on whether Modular House are better than regular ones. Most people are of the opinion that a modular house is not much different or better than a regularly built home. This is not so; manufactured homes as they are popularly known, offer you many advantages, 7 benefits of which are listed below:

1. Built on schedule – your manufactured home is built of state-of-the-art factories under climate controlled conditions. This means that your home would be built on time, no matter what the weather outside is like. It also means that your home is not exposed to the vagaries of nature therefore risking damage even before it is completed.

2. Construction quality – most manufactured homes are built in factories that are far from the spot where the customer wants their abode erected. This demands that the quality of the materials should be the best (and strongest) so it would survive packing and shipping to wherever it is required.

3. Quality control – how many times are regularly built houses inspected and checked for quality? A couple of times perhaps before the owner can shift in. With manufactured homes, they have quality control checks at every point of completion. This means that each piece that goes into the making of the house and at each level of ‘putting it together’ there is a quality control inspection. The result is that your manufactured home would be far more qualitative than any regularly built house.

4. Cost and savings – in spite of the fact that the materials used are better and stronger; in spite of the fact that the manufactured homes are inspected more and closely checked for quality control; in spite of the fact that this house is built in a factory in weather controlled conditions, your manufactured home would cost far less than the stick-built home.

5. Time saving – it takes about 4-6 weeks to have a manufactured home to be built and delivered. You save plenty of time by having your home built in the factory while you focus on the foundation, septic system and water source (well). It takes about 1-2 months to fit the new home on your lot so you could move it. Overall it takes maximum 8 months to construct and install your house. This is super ideal time, considering that a stick-built house would need about that much to complete the preliminaries such as laying the foundation, septic system and all.

6. Better maintenance – your home is built in a factory. That means whenever you want something replaced, you would have the perfect waiting for you. This is important as with time you tend to let your home run into disrepair just because it would be too much trouble to fix it. Not with the manufactured home; here all you have to do is call them so your problem can be fixed.

7. Made to order – it is true that stick-built houses are made to order as well. However, with manufactured ones you have the luxury to change your mind and design without burning a hole in your pocket.

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