Self-Publish Your Book and Achieve Worldwide Sales

Publishing books used to be left to the big publishing companies who had the knowledge and the money to publish acim, warehouse thousands of copies and then pray that they could sell them all.

The problem with this kind of publishing is that the financial risk is too great for publishers to take too many chances with unknown authors.

But now, thanks to technology, digital printing and the internet, it’s now possible for anyone in any country to publish their own books for minimal cost. This is because there’s now no need to print thousands of copies of every book, which also means no monthly warehousing costs either.

You can publish a book in as little as two weeks and have it available for sale worldwide within a month – without even leaving your chair.

All you need is access to the internet and an email address. Then once you publish your book you can have it distributed internationally by some of the worlds biggest book wholesalers, without any cost to you.

There are two main reasons why you should self-publish your own books.

Firstly, once you become a published author, people begin to see you as an expert in your career. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business entrepreneur or a novelist. Once you become a published author, other people will see you in a different light, so to speak, and start to look up to you.

Once you’ve written several books, people tend to buy your books every time you write one.

The second reason you should self-publish your own books, is money.

Let’s face it, we all want to earn money from what we do for a living, and publishing books provides you with a residual income year after year.

This means that once you publish a book it can go on earning you a passive income while you carry on working or while you begin writing your next book.

And when you begin to self-publish your own books, the potential for advancement and wealth is infinite.

Just look at it this way:

Say you publish a book and only sell 500 copies every year. Of course it’s possible to sell double this amount or much more, but for now we’ll look at only small book sales, to show the incredible impact book sales can have.

Because you’re the publisher and the author, you’ll receive all the profit from every sale. We all know that publishers usually get all of the profit from books sales while the author only receives 8 to 10% of the money.

But if you are the publisher and the author you receive all the profits and can easily earn $10 or more on every sale.

So if you sell only 500 copies of your book a year, it’s still an easy way to earn a passive income.

Now, say if you publish 6 books a year and still sell only 500 copies of each.

That’s 3,000 book sales every year – with no more work involved ~ and remember these are still small sales that I’m quoting.

Now, what if you wrote 6 books every year for the next 5 years?

That would mean that 5 years from now you’d be the author of 30 books and all of them would be selling worldwide year after year.

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