Service Oriented Architecture: Design and Develop

Service oriented Hobe Sounds architects has been defined as a paradigm for organizing and utilizing distributed capabilities that maybe under the control of different ownership domains. It provides a uniform means to offer, discover, interact with and use them to produced desired effects consistent with measurable conditions and expectations.

It is a flexible set of principles used for designing different phases of systems development and its integration in computing. Systems which use service oriented architecture can use interoperable services within several distinct systems.

Service oriented architecture (SOA) ensures that there is a design methodology which is followed while developing a system. This ensures that there is consistency in the services with respect to the vision and roadmap which had been laid down. It also ensures that the architectural principles relating to service orientation are adhered to.

What is the need for SOA? SOA helps business to respond quickly and more cost-effectively in response to the changing market conditions. It also helps consumers to be aware about web-based applications which make use of service architecture. By using multiple implementation platforms, SOA integrates different applications for a web-based environment.

It separates functions into distinct services, which are made accessible over a network by developers in order to allow users to combine and reuse them while producing applications. These services and their consumers interact with each other by passing data in a well-defined, shared format between two or more services. Software architecture is the collection of the decisions about designing software products to meet the requirements of the project. It includes the components, their features and interactions.

Service oriented architecture uses open standards to integrate software assets as services, standardizes service interactions and enables the reusing of services by other applications.

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