Tejita Beach – Tenerife – Sea View Property

Playa de la Tejita is located on the 제주감성민박 of Tenerife between El Medano and Los Abrigos. It is also known locally as Red Mountain beach or Playa Montana Roja, taking these names from the mountain at the eastern end of the beach. The surrounding area has been recognized as being of ecological importance and it has been designated by the government as a protected nature reserve.

The beach itself is about a kilometre in length and has fine golden grey sand which would not normally be associated with a natural beach on the Canary Islands. Unlike some of the other beaches in Tenerife, this beach is totally natural and has been formed over millions of years by the wind eroding fine rock particles from Red Mountain and surrounding terrain. The particles were deposited along the beach by the wind and the fine sand was then formed by the action of the ocean waves.

The beach area is a completely natural environment with very little development, south of the beach there is a small wooden beach shack which serves beverages and snack food. Apart from a few sun-beds and umbrellas near the beach shack this beach is relatively undeveloped and totally uncommercial.

There are a few old buildings at the eastern end of the beach, the original control tower for the old Lano de Roja aerodrome still remains and there is a small terminal building for an old submarine cable connecting St Louis in Senegal to the French cable network. There is also an abandoned well. Apparently there are plans to remove these buildings to restore the original natural beauty of the area but on the other hand, it could be said these building add to the character of this unusual landscape.

Being open to the elements this beach can sometimes be breezy and sometimes strong winds cause large waves to break onto the foreshore which is an impressive sight. At these times the beach is very popular with wind, kite, body and board surfers.

However on a sunny day with a gentle breeze this beach must surely rate as one of the finest natural beaches anywhere in the world. The scale and beauty of this beach can only be really appreciated by making a visit.

The beach is relatively unknown except to the locals so it is never crowded and it has not been affected by tourism. The busiest times are Sunday afternoons and if you are patient enough to wait for sunset, the Red Mountain takes on a strange but spectacular rust coloured glow.

This beach is very popular with naturalists but most of them use a small sandy cove the other side of the beach shack. Be warned though, not all naturalists are quite so shy and they do spread out along the beach, however the majority of visitors are families and there is a very relaxed atmosphere.

Camping on this beach is restricted to protect the Montana Roja Nature Reserve which has a natural habitat of many different types of flora and fauna.

The beach can be reached by taking the TF-643 road which runs along the back of the beach between Los Abrigos and El Medano, both of which can easily reached from the main TF-1 motorway. There are car parks either side of the road and the beach is only a short walk away. From Los Cristianos and Las Americas you can take the 470 or 483 bus services.

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