The Absence of Fear Is the Absence of Judgment

Fear is judgment and as you judge, you choose fear as your reality. This is basic cause and effect. For that reason, relinquishing judgment is relinquishing fear. Love does not know how to judge and therefore, fear does not exist in love. A Course in Miracles (acim) says that we never know our creations because a portion of our mind has banished itself from knowledge. Knowledge is Oneness, Heaven, and Love. Judgment (fear) is, therefore, a condition of the banishment and not a condition of love.

The Law of Creation says you cannot create anything unlike yourself; and you love your creations because they are a part of you and exactly like you. The same is also true for God. Creations cannot be attacked and remain within the protection of His Love. Attack is judgment (fear) and resides in the banished portion of the split mind as “made” but not “created.” ACIM is clear that as long as you are in judgment (fear), you will never know your creations because you would dismiss them, i.e., you would judge (fear) them and let them go. A form of this happened during the original separation when, for a moment, you forgot to dismiss what could not be true about yourself and made a judgment instead.

What you think of as creations in this world are actually not creations but merely symbols of a reminder of heaven, or a judgment of the ego, depending on the mind you are choosing for perception. Either way, they are simply symbols representing symbols because of the divisions of the split mind. It is difficult to feel loved and protected in a world of symbols made by the ego’s judgments as attack is the life-line of judgment (fear).

Holy symbols are used by the Holy Spirit to remind you that you can make a choice to return your mind to oneness with God at any time, in every moment and in all ways. Judgment symbols are used by the ego to keep fear in the mind and hide the truth that a different choice is possible.

Let’s take a look at where fear originates. Understanding the metaphysics helps the mind understand why it is not real and opens a door to the Holy Spirit for a different interpretation to be accepted.

The Metaphysics of Fear:

The non-conscious mind is Knowledge, Heaven and Oneness. There is nothing to be conscious of as everything “is” in a state of “being.” To experience and see the joy of this “beingness” is the super unconscious mind, or God and Christ.

Now enters the “tiny mad idea” where the dream and illusion of separation began. This was merely a thought that if you see God, you must be separate. That simple thought, now believed, is the ego. Nothing more than a thought in the mind, it’s a judgment that something was true that actually is not true. This is where we all forgot to dismiss what wasn’t true about ourselves and a portion of the mind banished itself from Knowledge.

Next is sin, an ego thought which says we did separate and that’s a sin against God. Feeling guilty for that sin, the ego says you have to be afraid because that sin is punishable by death from the angry and vengeful God. We’re just at the unconscious mind and already fearful from the ego’s judgments!

The attributes of judgment are sin, guilt and fear with fear being the first to be faced on the inward journey into the mind. Every time you judge, you reinforce fear in your mind and don’t see how to get back as truth remains hidden in fear itself.


No where does it say in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) that anything has happened other than in the mind. Everything is based entirely on perception and the choice to listen, believe and choose that version of reality. You cannot win so long as you keep choosing the perception (judgment) of the ego as being reality. Every choice for ego judgment keeps fear alive in the mind.

Choices are judgments, and while necessary here, it is important to consider whether you are making them from the ego wrong mind of judgment (fear) or the True Perception of the Holy Spirit Right Mind (love). Only the latter has the solution of correction of the mind (forgiveness) and gets you out of fear.

Don’t Believe Everything You Think:

The ego’s judgment making system is nothing more than a penchant for inventing and making things up. This is followed by a hefty dose of enthusiasm in exaggerating the falseness of its reality to the point it appears (perception) to be magic or creation. That is its point. Believe its judgments and you don’t see the illusion.

To not believe everything you think means you will have to start disregarding the perceived appearances as being real and take a chance on finding the truth. Of course, this is change and change is fearful; and the ego uses fear to keep you from choosing differently. Understand the metaphysics of fear even a little, and you can consider the possibility of fear not being real and merely a by-product of made up judgments (perceptions). To face fear will require you to also consider that there is something more important than the fear itself and a willingness to find out that answer.

The mechanics of choice become important once your realize that facing a fear is possible. Most of us have gone ahead and done something we were afraid to do, only to have it turn out okay, and find there was nothing to have really been afraid of to begin with. Only the ego says something bad will happen. It threatens death because that sin of separation is punishable by death (basic metaphysics of the ego).

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