The End of Malls? Transformation

Over the past year we have seen the decline of many Spectrum Mall both big and small. stated in June that some analysts are expecting more than 2000 malls nationwide to close sometime over the next year and The Wall Street Journal has posted several articles on how Malls have been hit hard by our recent economic woes. So it makes you wonder what will be the end result. I know in my own local Mall the Boise Town Square that many shops have closed down over the past year and when you walk through it you notice the absence of the large crowds. With all these reports and things going on I have a few suggestions that could make a difference for some of these doomed or at least struggling Malls around the country.

First of all Malls should be a destination of choice. They have to attract people not just to shop but to entertain them. I am going to use my experiences in some other countries and what they have done in their malls to illustrate this point. I know that for a fact the Malls in Asia are packed with things that make people want to go to them. How do they do this? Well first of all the Malls are packed full of food. Fast food, small cafes, fancy restaurants, and of course the ever present food court. This makes the Mall I place of choice to go eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here in my home town the Boise Town Square mall has 1 restaurant inside it and a small food court with a few snack shops here and there. All the other restaurants are outside of the mall in the surrounding blocks. Even then there are not that many.

Another thing that Malls need is entertainment. Something for the family to do or the group of friends that you are with to have an exciting time. I have seen huge Theaters of varying styles, Bowling alleys, Ice rinks, pool halls, and even carnival rides in almost every mall I have visited throughout Asia. Another huge crowd attractor is the many and varied arcades that you will find in Malls. Last of all you have your shopping that will allow you to leave with armloads of bags. One good quality of these malls is that while they still have the high end shops they have a lot of cheap bargain style shops like what you might find at Factory Outlet. All of these things draw a ton of people and make the Malls a destination of choice!

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