The Great Weed War – Achieve Victory For Good – Naturally

Organic weed control is actually much, much simpler than most people think. Many people mistakenly believe that the only way to keep alien labs disposable out of a lawn is to use chemical weed killers and pre-emergents. It’s simply not true.

You see, what many people don’t understand is that true weed control is actually a very simple lesson in physics. Now, before you are completely traumatized by vivid flashbacks of your high school physics class, you only need to remember one simple principle from physics (and if you don’t remember it, I’m going to tell it to you anyway, so don’t worry too much).

Physics tells us that two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. For instance, if your dad is sitting in his favorite Lazy Boy chair watching Monday Night Football, there is NO WAY you are going to occupy that same space in that same chair at the same time as your dad. Ain’t gonna happen.

The same is true of grass and weeds. If you have weeds in your lawn, that is a clear indication that you have bare spots in your lawn where there is no grass growing. You may not be able to easily see them by just looking at your lawn, but they are there. Physics tells you it’s true. There’s just no way to get around it. If it were not true, you would have no weeds.

So, you’ve got four options. Either you let the weeds take over your lawn, you pull them all manually, you put down some sort of weed killer or pre-emergent (EVERY SEASON) to keep the weeds down OR you take the smart road and deal with your weed problem once and for all.

Well, for most of us, allowing the weeds to take over is NOT an option. We like our nice green, picture perfect lawns. Victory for the weeds? Not even a consideration. But, pulling or raking weeds out of your lawn manually can be very tiring and time consuming. Chemical or organic weed killer or pre-emergent applications can be very costly over time. Chemical applications are even worse because while fixing one problem they normally cause many more, not to mention being an environmental and health hazard.

So, maybe high school physics is going to come in handy after all. In fact, do me a favor. Once you utilize the methods I outline in this book to create a beautiful, healthy, non-toxic and generally weed free lawn, go back to your high school physics teacher and thank them for helping you get rid of your weeds. 🙂

The following tips should help reduce the time and money you spend trying to get rid of your weeds and help you cut out the chemicals. Remember that an hour spent today is most likely 3 hours and a bundle of money saved next year.

A healthy, full, dense lawn leaves no room for weeds. So, if you’ll do what’s necessary now to secure that thick, dense lawn, you won’t have to worry about weeds later, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars over the coming years.

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