Under The Knife with Plastic Surgery Thailand

Everyone hates going to the hospital for some reason or another. slot thailand Either you do not like the doctor, cannot afford the fees or are simply wary of the advice you are given. Factors such as this are driving millions of tourists to make the pilgrimage to Thailand every year for their health needs and plastic surgery is one of the chief reasons for doing this.

Plastic surgery in Thailand has been going on for years. You only need to look at the faces of the majority of Thai celebrities or public figures to see how popular it is. Turn on any TV in Thailand and watch the adverts for face whitening cream or see how white the TV presenters skin is compared to the people you see out on the street. The demand for plastic surgery Thailand is huge and it usually starts at an early age.

Girls as young as 11 are wanting to have plastic surgery in some way to either improve their body image (as well as their self image) and become popular amongst their peers (think the story of the ugly duckling) or to win one of the many provincial beauty contests that take place on occasions such as Sonkgran (Thai New Year).

You only need to walk in to one of the many shopping malls to find dental clinics, skin clinics and even hospitals and it is these hospitals that offer plastic surgery in Thailand. With a McDonald’s out front (of a hospital, yes, this is entirely accurate) you would be forgiven for thinking Thailand worships western branding but you could say that plastic surgery Thailand has only become more prominent thanks to Western culture and the high raising medical bills and red tape.

But these hospitals are not the hovels you may be lead to believe from watching western TV shows where poorer countries are backwards in almost every way. Plastic surgery Thailand offers the same level of skills and expertise and procedures as any clinic in the West would do the only major difference is the dramatically lower costs and the fact that you do not have to wait as long. 

You can literally walk in to a hospital, speak to a specialist and book the procedure that day, although in the more higher class hospitals there is a short waiting list of a few days but this is still nothing to what hoops you have to jump through back home. And the staff, being courteous, really make you feel at home, right from the start. Thai people are known for being kind and friendly and this really shows as they know how to take care of patients wanting plastic surgery in Thailand. 

In fact you will be so pleased with the efficiency and swiftness of the service and care you receive you will be sure to recommend it to your friends. After all, you would not be reading such articles as this about plastic service in Thailand if you were not already curious in some way or had already researched plastic surgery Thailand. Whatever the reason for it being under the knife for plastic surgery in Thailand is really more of a pleasure than the pain that it can be in the West. 

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