What Is A Trunk Show and How Do I Make One Work For Me?

Trunk mxl tv can be a great way for designers to make some money and test the waters. Stores love ’em because they don’t have to buy the inventory upfront. Here’s how they work:

Quick overview… A typical trunk show is when the designer/vendor brings their line to a boutique for a special in-shop showing (the items used to be carried in a trunk, thus the name). Generally, but not always, accessories vendors bring stock pieces they can sell during the event while clothing vendors bring samples, take orders, and ship the items later (usually 4 – 8 weeks out). A show can be from 2 hours long to all afternoon, depending on the boutique, the designer, their wants and needs, and their relationship. My suggestion for designers starting with a new store is 2 – 3 hours and then call it a day – if things are great you can always stay. If things aren’t so great, you can leave.

If you’re bringing samples, be sure the samples are the same fit and quality that you will later ship the customer. Make sure everyone’s very clear with what date you promise to deliver the merchandise – DO NOT promise something you cannot fulfill. You will lose your credibility and if you’re late, the customer will have the option of canceling the order completely – ouch!

How do the store’s customers pay? If you are selling from stock, obviously customers pay at the show and take their merchandise right away. If you’re showing samples for future delivery, boutiques generally ask the customer to pay in full when the order is placed. Sometimes, boutiques ask the customer for half up front and half when the merchandise arrives.

Who sets the prices at the trunk show? It is the shop owner’s decision what retail price the consumer is charged. The shop will pay you the wholesale price for each piece they sell.

When do I get paid? I strongly suggest you get the store’s credit card information before the trunk show begins. For accessories, when you pack up to leave, you should go over the totals with the owner or manager so you all agree on the amount owed to you. Immediately charge the boutique when you get home! Do not wait. For clothing, talk to the shop about paying you half after the trunk show (this is different from a regular order where you will not get a deposit), and half upon delivery.

What’s my relationship with the store?Consider yourself a true partner with the retailer. You and the store are in this together and it’s up to both of you to make it successful. Do everything you can to ensure the shop has a good experience with you and that you both make money so it’s a Win-Win situation.

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