What to Expect During Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine is a stimulant that can be ingested several different ways including injecting the substance directly into the veins, smoking it or inhaling (known as snorting) through the nose. The effects of buy cocaine online are the same regardless of the form of ingestion. It is extremely addictive and damaging to the body through several different avenues. Partial effects include extreme irritability, sleeping problems, restlessness and excitability to name only a few of the debilitating effects. Extended use of cocaine can contribute to high blood pressure, irregular breathing and serious heart problems.

The decision to quit using is a difficult but crucial one. When you make the choice to give up cocaine, you have made an important decision, one that says your life is more important than the drug. The decision to quit is a great decision, but one that will not be easy. It is important to understand, be prepared for and know the effects of cocaine withdraw. As difficult as the withdrawal may seem, the outcome will be a positive and more rewarding one than the outcome for continued use.

When withdrawing from cocaine the symptoms include but are not limited to: confusion, hallucinations, nausea, diarrhea, chills, muscle pain, paranoia, agitation and an extreme craving for the cocaine. Someone withdrawing from cocaine may experience all or partial of the listed symptoms. The craving for cocaine will be very intensive and possibly the most difficult of the symptoms. The majority of people going through withdrawal feels that if they have just one more snort, injection or hit they will be able to get through the symptoms. This is the worse thing they can do as it will only lead to one more again and again.

Though it is possible to go through the experience by yourself, it will usually have greater results when there is someone available to help you through the process. The first and most important part of quitting is to have a positive attitude regarding the entire withdrawal process as well as how beneficial it will be to you when you have gone through the process of quitting and are living a cocaine free life.

Temptations are going to be in places you never realized existed so it is important to take yourself out of the immediate tempting surroundings. This includes removing yourself from people and places where cocaine is available as well as where you can associate the use. Having someone that can provide the encourage needed to continue the battle with avoiding the dealer and the encouragement needed to continue through the entire process of withdrawal. Cocaine withdraw requires you to be dedicated to you, belief in you and to have positive thoughts about the difficult but, wonderful thing you are doing for your future.

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