Turn-Based Strategy Games Are Still Popular

Video Game art services technology is improving quickly. Processors are becoming much faster, and so are the games. This has not always been the case with turn-based strategy games, which were always thought to be a bit slower, and maybe less exciting. They were reminiscent of the board games with dice and individual pieces, but the newer turn-based strategy games require more reflex action and less time spent in thinking, and now they are even more interactive.

One of the best turn-based games is the “Civilization” series, created by Firaxis in Baltimore. Sid Meier, creative director says that the emphasis of the game is testing the mind of the gamer to create strategies.

The main objective of Civ as it is called is to grow your empire faster than anyone else. You need to develop your civilization which includes the military and sciences departments, so that you can advance to more weaponry and more advanced technology. The civilization with the most advanced technology, overpowers other civilizations, and takes over the world. But wait, there are a few wrinkles thrown in to make the game even more interesting. An unanswered question remains. Will the new civilization rule with peace and harmony, or will they be ostracized?

Changes were made to the original strategy board games when the number crunching required, was brought to computers in the 1980s, and the existing technology now creates a much better game experience, while the pace of the game has increased.

The mechanics of some of the turn-based strategy games are now much easier to implement, with some of the new technology, such as artificial intelligence and improved graphics. Designers are also excited with the ability and the challenges to create a gaming experience that is native to the game itself, and does not distract.

It appears that the new direction for turn-based strategy games is already beginning to spread, as the influence is noticed on other games such as “Words With Friends,” which is almost like Scrabble, where players take turn creating new words. The only difference with the original Scrabble, which is more than three decades old, is that it includes online social interactivity. The social connectivity can even enhance the experience even more, as there also appears to be a resurgence of other casual board games.

There quite a few free turn-based games that can be played online and since they involve multiple players, they can include the active social connection.

Battalion Nemisis is a simple but fun game. The game can be described as serious fun, with cartoons, and secrets with some popular gaming characters. The strategy involves focusing on the terrain and the battalion that you place in the theatre, so you need to pay close attention to your surroundings while having fun.

Fanatasy Kommander is reminiscent of Might and Magic. It is a flash-based game, with some very elaborate scenes. You combine units, and the terrain to become the victor. Of course it is not as simple as it sounds; they have also added a great deal of fantasy with wizards, and knights in shining armour and much more.

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